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Goodbye For Now

Goodbye For Now

Our last Fifty Linden Friday (for now)

It’s been a lot of fun but it’s time for us to step back for a while. Sileny’s got a lot on her own plate, and I’m working on starting up my own real-life clothing brand! These things are incredibly time-consuming, not leaving us with enough time to handle our business responsibilities in SL as well, so until we both have more time, Adore&Abhor is going on indefinite hiatus. Most things will be (slowly) added to the Marketplace.

We will still be open for about another month, and hosting a 50% off sale. Not everything will be added (especially not the gatchas) so get them now, while they’re not only available, but on sale.

Goodbye For Now Sign


FLF & Candy Fair

Out now for Fifty Linden Fridays

Out now in 6 colours at Candy Fair

Summerfest 2014

Daisy Sandals Shady Daisies

This year’s Summerfest is incredible. So many amazing designers and absolutely killer stuff.
You are not going to want to miss this!

Shady Daisies come in 10 colours, the sandals in 9, and all the colours match!

Camo platform sneaks for FLF

Platform Sneakers Camo

Out for FLF, SIX PAIRS OF SHOES. The HUD for the tongues works on all of the rest of the platform shoe colours.

If you miss out, you’ll kick yourself, but not while wearing these shoes, which, really… would be extra sad.

Also, I will be GONE from Sunday Feb 23 – Mar 4, so if you have any problems, it’ll have to wait until after then! You can send an email to or Plurk me or send me a message on Flickr to make sure that I get the message. I’ll be honest with you, after a week+ of being away, I’m not going to get your IMs or notecards. Sorry!!

Platform Sneaks

So. Many. Sneakers.

Seriously. I went a little overboard and made 37 different colours/textures.
I may have freaked out a little about being in faMESHed. Maybe.

Platform Sneaks
There are:
11 colours
11 leopard print
5 flowers
5 glitter
5 ‘special’ (Damask, Galaxy, Polkadot, Halftone & Rainbow)

*yeah you should read all this crap below here too*

The tongues of the shoes are hud-driven texture change. All huds work for all shoes. Each shoe comes with a hud for the matching set. (Damask shoe comes with specials set hud, yellow shoe comes with colours set hud etc). Huds are ALSO sold separately so that if you, say, want mint leopard shoes with pink glitter tongues, you can do that.

Shoes attach to lower leg, because they are high and unrigged. (They looked gross rigged, sorry!)

Though the perms say they are no mod, you can edit>resize them. The scripts inside make them seem ‘no mod’.

Shoes are 249L each, and as usual fatpacks are about half the price of the combined set.


Fifty Linden Fridays


Out now for FLF @ Adore&Abhor

Simply Sweet

Eclair Platforms


Shoetopia has opened and, despite SL’s sudden ‘unscheduled maintenance’, is -AMAZING-.

They come in 8 different yummy colours. The chocolate ‘original’ flavour has 100% of the proceeds donated to Soles 4 Souls.