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Goodbye For Now

Goodbye For Now

Our last Fifty Linden Friday (for now)

It’s been a lot of fun but it’s time for us to step back for a while. Sileny’s got a lot on her own plate, and I’m working on starting up my own real-life clothing brand! These things are incredibly time-consuming, not leaving us with enough time to handle our business responsibilities in SL as well, so until we both have more time, Adore&Abhor is going on indefinite hiatus. Most things will be (slowly) added to the Marketplace.

We will still be open for about another month, and hosting a 50% off sale. Not everything will be added (especially not the gatchas) so get them now, while they’re not only available, but on sale.

Goodbye For Now Sign


Cinema & Art show!

I’m very excited to show you guys what Sileny and I have been working on for Cinema!

Svelte is a sleek rigged mesh dress in 7 lush dark colours, available this month at Cinema.



Payback Time tattoo makeup comes in multiple combinations of lipstick, eyeliner and scar. It’s absolutely perfect for that extra ‘edge’.



Capitol Couture makeup’s saccharine sweetness is perfect for the unconventional villainesse… or villain!



This Jessica skin perfect for your inner voluptuous vixen. Yowza!

All of these are available at Cinema, in the Action / Adventure section.



I was invited to have a small gallery show at Atelier Kreslo! I made a number of new pieces special for it, and updated a few of my newer pieces, stuck ’em in frames and put them out to purchase.


Some sketches and previews and such!

So this is the kind of thing that I start with, when working on shoes. I draw them up first, then put the views on flat planes angled so that they line up properly in the orthographic views and start working!

And now some little preview sketches of plans! It’ll probably change a bunch between now and then, but a new mesh store build is in the works!