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Goodbye For Now

Goodbye For Now

Our last Fifty Linden Friday (for now)

It’s been a lot of fun but it’s time for us to step back for a while. Sileny’s got a lot on her own plate, and I’m working on starting up my own real-life clothing brand! These things are incredibly time-consuming, not leaving us with enough time to handle our business responsibilities in SL as well, so until we both have more time, Adore&Abhor is going on indefinite hiatus. Most things will be (slowly) added to the Marketplace.

We will still be open for about another month, and hosting a 50% off sale. Not everything will be added (especially not the gatchas) so get them now, while they’re not only available, but on sale.

Goodbye For Now Sign


Princess Dresses & Headbands

Princess Headband

Out now for FLF, will be out later for full price.

Princess Dress Darks  Princess Headband Dark

Both of these are out now for 95L @ My Attic. Dresses sold separately.

Jeepers Creepers!

I’m usually horrible about doing holiday-type-things, but I LOVE HALLOWEEN, and this year, I’m super excited about these creepy cuties.
There are 13 in all, and will be released for different events throughout October.  When the last event is over, they will all vanish… forever!
I’ve done this set for both my stores (Adore&Abhor and Mabinogion), to cover all the events that I’m participating in.

*(The 2012 is a typo. Sorry!)

These first two are out now at my main store for FLF.

Jeepers Creepers ZombieJeepers Creepers Vampire

These two are out for We ❤ RP

Jeepers Creepers WerewolfJeepers Creepers Black Cat


Lastly, I put this out for FLF last round and completely forgot to blog it. WOOPS. Oh well, now here it is. It’s up in the store at the regular price, though is quite a bargain as it comes with so many colours, and both hand and feet appliers are within! For 99L you really can’t lose.

Basics Pack

ARCADE & Numberology!




Venture Into NightUnrigged mesh – 55L each

There are also free ones there with the Adore&Abhor logo on them 😀

FLF January 25

Capricorn Naughty FLFCapricorn Nice FLFCapricorn Naughty VIPCapricorn Nice VIPCapricorn NaughtyCapricorn Nice

So last month I released a mermaid style gown for Zodiac… well now I’ve released it in-store in all new colours. (Even the red is a different red!)  And there’s a special colour out for FLF, and for my VIPs!

Zodiac – Capricorn

Capricorn Garnet Naughty Capricorn Garnet Nice

This month’s Zodiac theme is “Capricorn”. Inspired by the iconography and the birthstone (My grandmother’s birthstone, garnet, is and always has been my favourite. I’d trade it in for my stupid TOPAZ any day… but I digress!)
The dress is a slinky, shimmery, mermaid cut in naughty and nice styles! The entire thing is 100% original rigged mesh, in standard sizes. (The busts are slightly larger than SS, to give a little extra room for your va-voom!)
DON’T WEAR SHOES WITH THIS! The alpha totally hides your lower half, to create the illusion of trailing on the ground.
I will be making these outfits in different colours when the Zodiac event is over. Tulip/125/185/21

Cute new shoes!

Lena Shoes

Lena Shoes

Cute new mesh shoes in six pastel colours, plus black. If you buy the fatpack, you get a special rainbow pair with wings on the ankles!

These shoes are UNRIGGED MESH, which means that they ARE resizable. They’re optimally made for foot size 0.

Come down to the store to demo them!

My Glitz Dresses and Envy Boots are being retired and are now out at HUGELY REDUCED prices. Just look for the sale stickers!

They’ll be gone from the shop at the end of the month.