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Camo platform sneaks for FLF

Platform Sneakers Camo

Out for FLF, SIX PAIRS OF SHOES. The HUD for the tongues works on all of the rest of the platform shoe colours.

If you miss out, you’ll kick yourself, but not while wearing these shoes, which, really… would be extra sad.

Also, I will be GONE from Sunday Feb 23 – Mar 4, so if you have any problems, it’ll have to wait until after then! You can send an email to or Plurk me or send me a message on Flickr to make sure that I get the message. I’ll be honest with you, after a week+ of being away, I’m not going to get your IMs or notecards. Sorry!!


Fur Stoles Galore



These are now out for FLF Fur Stole Dusk Fur Stole

These are all out at My Attic.

Fur Stole

Fifty Linden Fridays


Out now for FLF @ Adore&Abhor

Jeepers Creepers 2

Jeepers Creepers Skeleton

Jeepers Creepers Pirate

Jeepers Creepers Witch Jeepers Creepers Devil

Jeepers Creepers Ghost

Jeepers Creepers Swamp Monster

Jeepers Creepers Vampire Jeepers Creepers Black Cat Jeepers Creepers Werewolf Jeepers Creepers Zombie

Dolls that were previously out for events will be moved to a wall in my main store until the end of November. If the event that you found listed is no longer running, please check my main store!

Jeepers Creepers!

I’m usually horrible about doing holiday-type-things, but I LOVE HALLOWEEN, and this year, I’m super excited about these creepy cuties.
There are 13 in all, and will be released for different events throughout October.  When the last event is over, they will all vanish… forever!
I’ve done this set for both my stores (Adore&Abhor and Mabinogion), to cover all the events that I’m participating in.

*(The 2012 is a typo. Sorry!)

These first two are out now at my main store for FLF.

Jeepers Creepers ZombieJeepers Creepers Vampire

These two are out for We ❤ RP

Jeepers Creepers WerewolfJeepers Creepers Black Cat


Lastly, I put this out for FLF last round and completely forgot to blog it. WOOPS. Oh well, now here it is. It’s up in the store at the regular price, though is quite a bargain as it comes with so many colours, and both hand and feet appliers are within! For 99L you really can’t lose.

Basics Pack

Fifty Linden Friday – Lipsticks & Headphones

Silent Star Shimmer Lipsticks Headphones Owlie Froggie

Aries abound!



Happy spring, everybody! Canada’s weather may have not gotten the memo, but I’m SO TOTALLY READY FOR IT. This month has been CRAZY, and it just keeps coming! I’m so so excited about it all.

This month’s Zodiac theme is Aries, for which I have made a set of adorable hold-able sheep. Try your luck!Aries Sheepies

Next, we have Fifty Linden Friday, for which I’ve made two special editions, both along the theme of Adore&Abhor!Aries Lambies Adore Aries Lambies Abhor

Snatch them up now, before they’re gone!