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Goodbye For Now

Goodbye For Now

Our last Fifty Linden Friday (for now)

It’s been a lot of fun but it’s time for us to step back for a while. Sileny’s got a lot on her own plate, and I’m working on starting up my own real-life clothing brand! These things are incredibly time-consuming, not leaving us with enough time to handle our business responsibilities in SL as well, so until we both have more time, Adore&Abhor is going on indefinite hiatus. Most things will be (slowly) added to the Marketplace.

We will still be open for about another month, and hosting a 50% off sale. Not everything will be added (especially not the gatchas) so get them now, while they’re not only available, but on sale.

Goodbye For Now Sign


Gift for Subscribers

Gogo Boots for Subscribers


I had a bit of a whoopsie with my subscriber and lost about 600 subscribers. D: ugh. And so, I’m giving out these boots in TEN colours, free to subscribers! If I lost you, I’m so sorry! Come back to meeeeee I love youuuuuuu

Shoes and Boots

I’ve made a set of gogo boots for My Second Box and it’s kinda late due to horrible awful rigging glitches, but they’re ready and they’re spacetastic. Rigged mesh, comes in 4 colours, 3 sizes.

There’s lots of other really cool stuff from other designers 😀

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Now, I COMPLETELY forgot to send out a NC about these when I put them out sooo here they are! The proper colours for the Valence Suede Loafers. Unisex, Unrigged mesh, 6 colours.

We have a real buttload of stuff coming up soon, so stay tuned!