FLF – Coffin Purses

Coffin Purse FLF Exclusive

Out now for Fifty Linden Fridays – Floral & non-floral versions included. Both anim-override hold & no hold versions included.

Full set of colours coming next week. Another special version will be available on Sunday for Lazy Sunday.



Lovely Forest Headbands pt 1


Hello Everyone News from Adore&Abhor.



Lovely Forest Bunny


*Scripted Bunny Ears with several options
– 7 Headband Colours
-10 Rose Colours (option to turn On & Off)
-Spikes (option to turn On & Off)

Coming soon:

Lazy Sunday:
*Scripted Cat Ears with several options
– 7 Headband Colours
-10 Rose Colours (option to turn On & Off)
-Spikes (option to turn On & Off)
Also being released Sunday – FULL PRICE

*Scripted Mouse & Piglet Ears with several options
– 7 Headband Colours
-10 Rose Colours (option to turn On & Off)
-Spikes (option to turn On & Off)

**Please Note, After Friday The Bunny Ears will be in store at full price & the Cat Ears will be full price after Sunday**

Make sure you swing by and grab items at a discounted price before they are released in shop at full price. We hope that you enjoy them!



Please welcome June Carter (LaiLaniLove) to the Adore&Abhor team! I’ve hired her on as my CSR, blog manager, and all-round doer-of-things.
If you are in need, she can help you out or at least get in touch with me. If you have notecards for me, please also send them to June, because mine just get buried and I don’t find them until I go on an archaeological dig.

Princess Dresses & Headbands

Princess Headband

Out now for FLF, will be out later for full price. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MudHoney/170/212/24

Princess Dress Darks  Princess Headband Dark

Both of these are out now for 95L @ My Attic. Dresses sold separately. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Deck/85/186/22

Adore&Abhor turns 6 and Skin Fair

6 So Adore&Abhor turns 6 today. I feel so proud and so happy that my friends are sharing this momentous occasion with me! For more previews check out our flickr group. I’ll be making some more nostalgic posts throughout the month over at my Sugar Girls blog, featuring creations from the event! This year, I’ve really been into this whole modern fantasy princess kind of thing, so I’ve carried the theme through for both my anniversary AND Skin Fair. For my anniversary: a pretty party dress in 5 colours, and 3 different nails for Slink hands. For skin fair: A ton of matching eyeshadows and lipsticks. For our anniversary, Sileny made an awesome eyeshadow set and a super special eyeshadow & eyes gift!

Princess Dresses

Princess Jardin NailsPrincess Dream NailsPrincess Destiny Nails

Princess Jardin ToenailsPrincess Dream ToenailsPrincess Destiny Toenails


Skin fair:

Princess Star Blush

Tintable Face Freckles
Fight DirtyBrows By Request

Princess Wish MakeupPrincess Blossom MakeupPrincess Blithe Makeup

Princess Festivity pastel lipsticksPrincess Festivity bright lipsticks

Princess Arisen Pastel LipsticksPrincess Arisen Lipsticks

Camo platform sneaks for FLF

Platform Sneakers Camo

Out for FLF, SIX PAIRS OF SHOES. The HUD for the tongues works on all of the rest of the platform shoe colours.

If you miss out, you’ll kick yourself, but not while wearing these shoes, which, really… would be extra sad.


Also, I will be GONE from Sunday Feb 23 – Mar 4, so if you have any problems, it’ll have to wait until after then! You can send an email to adoreabhor@gmail.com or Plurk me or send me a message on Flickr to make sure that I get the message. I’ll be honest with you, after a week+ of being away, I’m not going to get your IMs or notecards. Sorry!!

Adore your Body shapes for VIPs

Adore Your Body shapes


I made these shapes years ago and then forgot about them. I decided to fix them up and send them out as a gift. Enjoy!
There are 8 shapes, 2 for each standard size between XS and L.
They’re all mod so you can tweak and mess with them as you please 😀
Just for my lovely VIPs ~♥

(copy&paste once in second life!)


Platform Sneaks

So. Many. Sneakers.

Seriously. I went a little overboard and made 37 different colours/textures.
I may have freaked out a little about being in faMESHed. Maybe.

Platform Sneaks
There are:
11 colours
11 leopard print
5 flowers
5 glitter
5 ‘special’ (Damask, Galaxy, Polkadot, Halftone & Rainbow)

*yeah you should read all this crap below here too*

The tongues of the shoes are hud-driven texture change. All huds work for all shoes. Each shoe comes with a hud for the matching set. (Damask shoe comes with specials set hud, yellow shoe comes with colours set hud etc). Huds are ALSO sold separately so that if you, say, want mint leopard shoes with pink glitter tongues, you can do that.

Shoes attach to lower leg, because they are high and unrigged. (They looked gross rigged, sorry!)

Though the perms say they are no mod, you can edit>resize them. The scripts inside make them seem ‘no mod’.

Shoes are 249L each, and as usual fatpacks are about half the price of the combined set.