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Sneak peeks of what’s to come!

There’s a lot coming up in December! I’ve got some teaser pictures for you- but they’re just screenshots, so excuse the quality!

Fifty Linden Friday on November 30th

A whole set of these! Cute huh? Have I mentioned recently how much I love unicorns?

KittyCats Advent Calendar (Airedine’s, at the KittyCats Main Store) on December 2nd

This and another colour for free~

Twisted Krissmuss on December 7th

Posture collar!

Hunting for Winter on December 10th

This and another colour

New in 2013 Hunt on December 20th

Capricorn Zodiac on December 22nd

Fifty Linden Friday again on December 28th!


Well this is what’s in the works, stay tuned!


Some sketches and previews and such!

So this is the kind of thing that I start with, when working on shoes. I draw them up first, then put the views on flat planes angled so that they line up properly in the orthographic views and start working!

And now some little preview sketches of plans! It’ll probably change a bunch between now and then, but a new mesh store build is in the works!