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Waist Tied Shirts FLF

Exclusive pattern for FLF (1400$L worth of stuff for 50$L!)
Original rigged mesh for both men AND women!

Summerfest closes soon, so get these goodies there while you can!
Shady Daisies Daisy Sandals

And Rhapsody will be wrapping up in not too long, so grab the goodies there, too!
Catcall This Purse Gold Catcall This Purse Punk Shirts

AND FOR SOME EXCITING PREVIEWS, CHECK OUT OUR FLICKR GROUP! (seriously, you’ll want to, it’s really exciting!)


Lovely Forest Headbands pt 1


Hello Everyone News from Adore&Abhor.



Lovely Forest Bunny


*Scripted Bunny Ears with several options
– 7 Headband Colours
-10 Rose Colours (option to turn On & Off)
-Spikes (option to turn On & Off)

Coming soon:

Lazy Sunday:
*Scripted Cat Ears with several options
– 7 Headband Colours
-10 Rose Colours (option to turn On & Off)
-Spikes (option to turn On & Off)
Also being released Sunday – FULL PRICE

*Scripted Mouse & Piglet Ears with several options
– 7 Headband Colours
-10 Rose Colours (option to turn On & Off)
-Spikes (option to turn On & Off)

**Please Note, After Friday The Bunny Ears will be in store at full price & the Cat Ears will be full price after Sunday**

Make sure you swing by and grab items at a discounted price before they are released in shop at full price. We hope that you enjoy them!



Please welcome June Carter (LaiLaniLove) to the Adore&Abhor team! I’ve hired her on as my CSR, blog manager, and all-round doer-of-things.
If you are in need, she can help you out or at least get in touch with me. If you have notecards for me, please also send them to June, because mine just get buried and I don’t find them until I go on an archaeological dig.

Camo platform sneaks for FLF

Platform Sneakers Camo

Out for FLF, SIX PAIRS OF SHOES. The HUD for the tongues works on all of the rest of the platform shoe colours.

If you miss out, you’ll kick yourself, but not while wearing these shoes, which, really… would be extra sad.

Also, I will be GONE from Sunday Feb 23 – Mar 4, so if you have any problems, it’ll have to wait until after then! You can send an email to or Plurk me or send me a message on Flickr to make sure that I get the message. I’ll be honest with you, after a week+ of being away, I’m not going to get your IMs or notecards. Sorry!!

Genre & Food Fair



FortuneCookieChocolate FortuneCookiePlain FortuneCookieStrawberry FortuneCookieVanilla





-All original mesh, original textures, unrigged mesh/mod for resize

2: GENRE! (Lolita- themed)

Valentine lolita bow

Valentine Lolita Blue

Valentine Lolita Brown Valentine Lolita Green Valentine Lolita Orange Valentine Lolita Pink Red Valentine Lolita Purple Valentine Lolita Yellow



-All original mesh, original textures, rigged mesh, bow sold separately.


Leo zodiac coming soon!


4: I have put out the Arcade drippy necklaces at my main store. I still have to put out the Venture Into Night sunglasses, but that’ll probably be monday or so.
I’ve taken down the collaborative Limited Edition headphones because for some reason the server refuses to update and function properly, so until I get it working, I don’t want anyone getting missed purchases. I’ll let you know when it goes back out. I’ll also be putting it out for more than half off, because I feel bad that it’s been messing up 😦

I’m getting rid of some old stuff in the store, and they’re all set to 25L (the belt is 10L). Get it before it’s gone, which will be… at some point soonish. ALL OF THESE HAVE LOLAS APPLIERS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY.

Happy Anniversary Adore&Abhor!

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Adore&Abhor’s opening. I’m sharing this momentous occasion with a few of my friends who’ve made some awesome and adorable items in honour of this landmark! It’s mid-day and I still can’t shake this feeling. I feel overwhelmed in the best of ways. 5 years! Looking back, I can honestly say that I am proud of everything that I’ve made, no matter how terrible it was, because it was my own.

For all of the other designers’ items, please check out:

For this event, I’ve made some adorable heart-shaped, mesh purses.

Heart Purse Anniversary Promo Heart Purse Anniversary

I also went a little crazy with the other colours… I couldn’t help myself! Each set comes with both colour options.

Heart Purse Set

This event runs from March 16th to April 16th, and you will NOT want to miss any of the goodies. I’ve taken a couple of pictures to show just a few of the amazing items available now in-store from my guest designers.

Piece of Cake

From Adore&Abhor’s 5 year anniversary:
Hair: Ploom
Shirt: Boom
Bow: Noodles
Choker: Pididdle
Bear: Katat0nik

Skin: Pink Fuel (Alyx, at Skin Fair now!)
Eyes: Ibanez


In Wonderment

From Adore&Abhor’s 5 year anniversary:

Hair: Alice Project
Bow: Noodles
Dress: Auxiliary
Cactus: Olive
Eyes: Adore&Abhor
Necklace: Adore&Abhor
Skin: Pink Fuel (At the Skin Fair now!)

Check it out!

Adore&Abhor 5 year anniversary coming soon!

So Adore&Abhor has been open for almost five years, and I’ve been putting together a bit of a celebratory event! I’ve invited some of my favourite designers to make something special in honour of this landmark!

The event opens on March 16th at my main store, so save up, because it’s going to be amazing!

Participating stores:

A.D.D. Andel – A. E. Meth – Alice Project – Auxiliary – Boom

Dilly Dolls – Evie’s Closet – Flowey – Funky Junk – Heartsick – Katat0nik

Lassitude&Ennui – Lavallie – Mudhoney – Noodles – Olive – Pididdle

Pink Fuel – Ploom – Savoir Faire Shapes – Schadenfreude – Somnia – Zanzibar Creationz

I’m very excited- I hope to see you there!

FLF & New Ombre shorts with studs!


Hey guys! Hope you’re having a good week! Let’s get down to bid’ness, shall we?


Out for Fifty Linden Fridays:



These come in 16 ombre colours with studs, and most of the colours match the shades of the boots that you can get for free from the subscriber in-store!

Adore&Abhor now has store credit! At his point in time it’s only on Airedine’s scripted vendors (Which are all of them, except the single poses)

Adore&Abhor is turning 5 on March 16th, and I’m having an event. I’ve invited a few designers to make something in celebration, and they’ll all be out at my store between March 16th and April 16th. I’m so excited! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on it!