So. Many. Sneakers.

Seriously. I went a little overboard and made 37 different colours/textures.
I may have freaked out a little about being in faMESHed. Maybe.

Platform Sneaks
There are:
11 colours
11 leopard print
5 flowers
5 glitter
5 ‘special’ (Damask, Galaxy, Polkadot, Halftone & Rainbow)

*yeah you should read all this crap below here too*

The tongues of the shoes are hud-driven texture change. All huds work for all shoes. Each shoe comes with a hud for the matching set. (Damask shoe comes with specials set hud, yellow shoe comes with colours set hud etc). Huds are ALSO sold separately so that if you, say, want mint leopard shoes with pink glitter tongues, you can do that.

Shoes attach to lower leg, because they are high and unrigged. (They looked gross rigged, sorry!)

Though the perms say they are no mod, you can edit>resize them. The scripts inside make them seem ‘no mod’.

Shoes are 249L each, and as usual fatpacks are about half the price of the combined set.