FortuneCookieChocolate FortuneCookiePlain FortuneCookieStrawberry FortuneCookieVanilla









-All original mesh, original textures, unrigged mesh/mod for resize

2: GENRE! (Lolita- themed)

Valentine lolita bow

Valentine Lolita Blue

Valentine Lolita Brown Valentine Lolita Green Valentine Lolita Orange Valentine Lolita Pink Red Valentine Lolita Purple Valentine Lolita Yellow







-All original mesh, original textures, rigged mesh, bow sold separately.


Leo zodiac coming soon!


4: I have put out the Arcade drippy necklaces at my main store. I still have to put out the Venture Into Night sunglasses, but that’ll probably be monday or so.
I’ve taken down the collaborative Limited Edition headphones because for some reason the server refuses to update and function properly, so until I get it working, I don’t want anyone getting missed purchases. I’ll let you know when it goes back out. I’ll also be putting it out for more than half off, because I feel bad that it’s been messing up 😦

I’m getting rid of some old stuff in the store, and they’re all set to 25L (the belt is 10L). Get it before it’s gone, which will be… at some point soonish. ALL OF THESE HAVE LOLAS APPLIERS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY.