Firstly, there’s a new thing for the VIPs because I figured out how to make the style of unicorn horn I wanted in Maya while I was messing around, so I figured I’d share! (Also I MAY OR MAY NOT have been prancing around for the last two days as a unicorn princess.)


I made new shoes. These pumps are  mesh, unrigged (so you can resize) and 100% hand-textured and handmade by me, including the lace and glitter. The rainbow pumps are only included in the fatpack.

The nude pumps are out for THIS WEEK ONLY and then they’ll be gone forever… AND they’re half the price of the regular singles.

My  friend Arora liked the shoes so much that she went and made some matching dresses, so for the next week, we’ll have each-others’ matching items at our stores! Check it out!

Zanzibar CreationZ


Remember, the Twisted hunt item is out until the end of the month, and the sale on my items that I’m retiring ends then too, so get them while they’re here!

TP to the store!